Personal Prayer Use

Getting started with personal prayer IBIP account

Personal Prayer

Using IBIP for Personal Prayer

Plan your prayer life; support others in prayer; regularly pray; share prayers and feedback with partners and prayer groups; track your progress and develop Godly habits.

Register for personal prayer account

The first step is to register for a free personal IBIP prayer account. At a minimum this involves specifying - your email address (which is needed for logins), a display name, and password. We recommend that you load your profile photo as well.

Enter the Prayer Stream

Auto-generated prayers to get started.

The Prayer Stream

The central part of IBIP is the prayer stream.
Daily prayer points generated.

prayer stream flow

New Daily Prayer Points

Everyday a new prayer stream is generated.

prayer stream refine

Refine the prayer stream

Overtime, refine the stream to meet your prayer needs.

add to prayer list

My List

Add your own prayers to the stream.

prayer feedback

Incoming prayer feeds

Populate the stream with prayers from partners, groups and ministries.

prayer stream

2. Customise Auto-Generated Prayers

Auto-generated prayers can be customised based on your specified prayer needs.
Over time these generated prayers will become more sensitive to your prayer needs.

People I prayer for
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Profile settings
My profile settings for prayer

Basic IBIP Usage

My Prayer List, Incoming Prayers, Prayer Sharing, Progress Tracking

1. My Prayer List

Planning to pray helps you pray more regularly.
IBIP lets you set up prayer points in advanced that can be repeated.

prayer lists

Create Prayer Points

Enter title and description. Optionally add a photo and a tag.

prayer share

Share the prayer

Optionally share a prayer with a prayer partner and/or prayer group.

prayer frequency

Decide frequency

Prayers can be set for spontaneous prayer, or planned periodic prayers (eg- daily, once a week, once a month).

prayer feedback

Provide updates

If your sharing a prayer point, you can provide updates later. eg- has the prayer been answered.

Prayer Partner Invite

2. Incoming prayer points.

Incoming prayers come via prayer partners, prayer groups, or supporting a ministry

Get started by sending an invites to a potential prayer partner via Email, WhatsApp, or Telegram.

  • Invite via Email
  • Invite via WhatsApp
  • Invite via Telegram
    Telegram App
  • Invite via copy
    Copy and share
Other: Copy the invite link and distribute however you want

3. Share your prayer points

Communicate your prayer requests to prayer partners and members of your prayer group.

share prayer

Share with prayer partners and/or groups

(Optionally select which prayers and who to spare with)

tag prayers

Add Prayer Tags

Make it easier for your prayer support to understand the background to the prayer point.

Provide Feedback

Provide feedback

If people are praying for you, they want to know what is happening.

record answers

Record answers

Encourage your supporters by letting them know of answered pray. Thank God.

Share prayer points

4. Progress with your prayer life

Keep track and improve your prayer habits. Monitor what you are praying for.
Be encouraged that people are praying for you.

Personal Progress
Prayer progress menu
Personal Prayer Habits
Personal Prayer focus

Additional Benefits for your prayer life

  • Be part of a Prayer Group

    You can either start a prayer group or join a group created by one of your friends.

    Learn More About Prayer Groups


    Prayer Group
  • Go on a prayer walk

    IBIP allows the creation of templates for supporters to copy. For example - ....

    Learn More About Prayer Walking


    Prayer Walker
  • Discover Prayer Ideas

    Unsure what to prayer? IBIP is currently working on building up a list of prayer ideas that you can copy and use.


    Prayer Ideas
  • Security Features

    Only the prayers points you choose to share can be seen by prayer partners and prayer group members (if applicable). You can unshare a prayer point, and disconnect from a partner/group if required.


    Prayer Security Features

Register your Account

Create a free personal account now.


Using IBIP for your personal prayer life

Consider the following additional uses of IBIP for personal prayer.

Prayer Partners

Prayer Partners

Prayer partners can privately share prayer points. Be encouraged to know that someone is praying for you. Spur each other on.

Prayer Partner >
Prayer Groups

Prayer Groups

Cell groups, Bible study groups and support groups can use IBIP to share prayer points and provide updates. Change the world.

Prayer Groups >
Prayer Walkers

Prayer Walkers

Your written prayer points can be converted to audio and played on a prayer walk.

Prayer Walkers >
Prayer Accountability

Prayer Accountability

Need encouragement or a nudge to prayer? Ask to be accountable to a friend for your prayer habits.

Prayer Accountability >