Prayer Accountability

Why have prayer accountability?

We all go through times when we struggle to prayer. Having a caring friend who checks in on how your prayer life is going can be helpful. Having a prayer partner or being part of a prayer group can also help keep your prayer life regular.

IBIP allows you to invite someone to be your prayer overseer. That is, someone for you to be 'accountable to' for your prayer life. Within IBIP this means that the overseer will know how often you are flagging prayers in IBIP. Hence if you skip a few days, they will know. It alerts them to check in on how you are going.

  • prayer accountability
  • prayer accountability

Prayer accountability IBIP screens

Example IBIP prayer accountability screens shown below.

How prayer accountability works in IBIP

Once you set up your (free) personal account, you can get started with prayer accountability.

  • Send an oversight (accountable to) invite

    IBIP allows you to send invites via WhatsApp, Telegram or Email. If accepted, your prayer habits become 'accountable to' the invitee. (Note: The Invitee will of course need to create an account)


    Request oversight
  • Overseer receives progress updates

    Decide which prayer points you want to share, and with whom.


    Prayer accountability updates
  • Encourage prayer disciplines

    Encourage one another to prayer consistency and develop godly prayer habits.


    Prayer encouragement

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IBIP and personal prayer life

Additional uses of IBIP for personal prayer:

Personal Praying

Personal Prayers

Plan your prayer life; support others in prayer; regularly pray; share prayers and feedback with partners and prayer groups; track your progress and develop Godly habits.

Personal Prayer >
Prayer Partners

Prayer Partners

Prayer partners can privately share prayer points. Be encouraged to know that someone is praying for you. Spur each other on.

Prayer Partner >
Prayer Groups

Prayer Groups

Cell groups, Bible study groups and support groups can use IBIP to share prayer points and provide updates. Change the world.

Prayer Groups >
Prayer Walkers

Prayer Walkers

Your written prayer points can be converted to audio and played on a prayer walk.

Prayer Walkers >