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Getting started with your Christian mission account

Mission Prayer

Using IBIP for Missions

Raising prayer support is probably the most important task of missions. IBIP can be used to help mission organisations and Christian non-profits to distribute prayer points and updates online.

This is a free service for mission organisations.

1. Register a ministry account

The first step is to register your mission for a free ministry IBIP prayer account. At a minimum this involves specifying - your account username (which is needed for logins), mission name (display name), email, and password. We recommend that you load your mission profile logo (or photo) as well.

2. Create Prayer Tags

Our recommendation is that you create prayer tags for each missionary, ministry and project that you regularly have prayer points for.
Why do this? To help supporters know more about what they are prayer for. For example - Say you regularly have prayer points for the missionary 'Sam Jones'. If you create a tag with details about Sam, then anyone who prays for Sam can easily find out more about Sam. eg- where is Sam serving, what is he doing, what does he look like, etc.

Missionary tags

Create Multiple Tags

Add tags for regularly praying items.

Missionary tag details


For each missionary give background details to help the prayer.

Mission Ministry Example

Ministries & Projects

Ministries and projects can be added with background info to help the supporter (eg- Bible trainig, Evangelism, Child sponsorships, ESL classes, etc)

Mission Country Example

Countries & People groups

If you regularly create prayer points for a countries, people groups, or regions, then add a tag. These tags helps give the supporter context for what they are praying for.

3. Enter mission prayer points

Enter or import prayers for distribution to your ministry supporters.

Create Prayer Points

Create Prayer Points

Enter title and description. Optionally upload a photo.

Tag Prayer

Tag the prayer (optional)

Link the prayer to a missionary, project, or ministry

prayer frequency

Decide frequency

Decide if the prayer should be a repeating prayer (eg- daily, once a week, once a month) or for a specific date.

church provide feedback

Provide updates

Supporters love to hear prayer feedback and answers to prayer.

Mission Prayer Entry

Mission Invite Supporters

4. Invite mission prayer supporters.

Invites can be generated and sent to your mission supporters via Email, WhatsApp and Telegram. You can also generate a QR code for print media distribution (such as Mission magazines, newsletters, flyers, brochures, and cards).

  • Invite via Email
  • Invite via WhatsApp
  • Invite via Telegram
    Telegram App
  • Invite via QR code`
    QR Code
Other: Copy the invite link and distribute however you want

5. Track prayer support progress

Track the number of prayer supporter you have and how the numbers change over time.

How many of your prayer supporters are actually praying? Which prayer points are they praying about?

What prayers feedback are supporters asking for?

Track Supporter Numbers
Track supporter prayer levels
Track who supports
Track Specific Prayers

6. Set up a Prayer Request Line

A request line can be set up for supporters to submit their prayers.

The prayer request line can be set up for an event, and/or as an ongoing service.

Still in the experimental stage.

If you would like to try with your mission and give feedback please contact us below.

Additional Benefits for mission prayer

Keep an eye on the prayer support progress (via IBIP).

  • Import Mission Prayers from file

    Save time and reduce errors by importing prayers from a CSV file.


    Prayer Import
  • Create Templates for Supporters

    IBIP allows the creation of templates for supporters to copy. For example - template to prayer for missionary kids.


    Prayer Templates
  • PDF documents

    Prayer points (and templates) can be generated as a PDF file for distribution. Useful to handling out a prayer meetings, and distributing to non-IBIP users.


    Prayer PDF
  • Security Features

    Only invited supporters can access prayer points. Invites can be disabled, and specific supporters access denied.


    Prayer Security Features

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