Prayer Walkers

Why prayer walk?

Prayer walking simply involves praying while you go on a walk.

Different things work for different people. In the case of walking, many people think better while walking. If your such a person, then combining walking and praying can work well.

IBIP can be used to convert selected prayer points into an audio and then played back during a walk. The prayer audio can also be used for similar endevaours as you would (say) an audio book.

  • Prayer Walking
  • Prayer Walking

Prayer Walking IBIP pages

Example IBIP prayer walking screens shown below.

How prayer walking works in IBIP

Once you set up your (free) personal account, you can get started with prayer walking.

  • Select prayers

    Choose the prayers you want to take with you on a walk.


    Select Prayers for Walk
  • Generate Audio

    Use IBIP to generate an audio. IBIP uses text-to-speech technology to do this.


    Convert prayer to speech
  • Prayer and Walk

    Download the audio and take it on your walk. Play and pause as required.


    Prayer walk with audio

Start Prayer Walking

Create a free personal prayer account now.


IBIP and personal prayer

Additional uses of IBIP for personal prayer.

Personal Praying

Personal Prayers

Plan your prayer life; support others in prayer; regularly pray; share prayers and feedback with partners and prayer groups; track your progress and develop Godly habits.

Personal Prayer >
Prayer Partners

Prayer Partners

Prayer partners can privately share prayer points. Be encouraged to know that someone is praying for you. Spur each other on.

Prayer Partner >
Prayer Groups

Prayer Groups

Cell groups, Bible study groups and support groups can use IBIP to share prayer points and provide updates. Change the world.

Prayer Groups >
Prayer Accountability

Prayer Accountability

Need encouragement or a nudge to prayer? Ask to be accountable to a friend for your prayer habits.

Prayer Accountability >