Auto generated prayers

Auto-Generated Daily Prayers

Start with auto-generated prayers from first login.

Refine over time to better reflect your prayer concerns.

IBIP will improve over time - feedback is welcomed.

Encouraging Christians to prayer and share

The IBIP prayer webapp works best when shared with prayer partners or prayer groups. Sharing prayer requests, feedback, and answers to prayer can spur fellow Christians to prayer. Ministries (such as mission organisations and churches) can also use IBIP to distribute prayers. IBIP caters for prayer feedback so that partners and supporters can stay abreast of answered prayers.

This free prayer app can be used as follows:

Personal Praying

Personal Prayers

Plan your prayer life; support others in prayer; regularly pray; share prayers and feedback with partners and prayer groups; track your progress and develop Godly habits.

Personal Prayer >
Prayer Partners

Prayer Partners

Prayer partners can privately share prayer points. Be encouraged to know that someone is praying for you. Spur each other on.

Prayer Partner >
Prayer Groups

Prayer Groups

Cell groups, Bible study groups and support groups can use IBIP to share prayer points and provide updates. Change the world.

Prayer Groups >
Prayer Walkers

Prayer Walkers

Your written prayer points can be converted to audio and played on a prayer walk.

Prayer Walkers >
Prayer Accountability

Prayer Accountability

Need encouragement or a nudge to prayer? Ask to be accountable to a friend for your prayer habits.

Prayer Accountability >
Mission Praying


Mission organisations can use IBIP to distribute mission and missionary prayers, provide feedback, and track support. Import and PDF options available.

Mission Prayer >
Church Prayer


Churches and Christian groups can use IBIP to faciliate internal communication of prayer points and allows for feedback. PDF's of prayer points can be generated and distributed to 'off-line' members.

Church Prayer >
Prayer and artificial intelligence

Prayer & Artificial Intelligence

Prayer is between you and God, but artificial intelligence can be used to help you pray.

Prayer & AI >

Prayer and SmartPhones

Today most people have Smartphones and carry it with them everywhere. These phones can be used to capture prayer points and related pictures for instant sharing or distributed. It also means that people can have prayer points with them ready to prayer at anytime.

Prayer and Artificial Intelligence

While prayer is between you and God, artificial intelligence (AI) can be used help you gain insight into what to prayer for. With the IBIP webapp we are planning on introducing AI features to help you pray. For a taste of things to come try pray using ai and find prayer Bible verses using AI.

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This is a free service to encourage more people to prayer.

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